Power of Past Lives on Present Life

For a layman, it has rather been a matter of debate that whether our past lives have any effect on our present life. In fact, even the concept of reincarnation is absolutely alien and non – understandable and hence non-believable for many. However, ask a past life regression practitioner and therapist and they will tell you about the power of our past lives in our present life.


Pat life regression therapy and training help you uncover your past life and tap into your unconscious. It helps you tap into your feelings, attitudes, beliefs and mental and emotional patterns in your previous lives. These emotions and feelings from previous lives have a bearing on your current life and are present in your subconscious mind. Past life regression therapy, by tapping into these past lives feelings and emotions, helps remove the negative energies from those lives and unblocking limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. This exercise affects present life highly positively.

You can learn more about past life regression and past life regression therapy by taking past life regression training in Delhi. There are various institutes and courses that provide past life regression training in Delhi. Learn past life regression therapy in Delhi by visiting Life positive website and going through the list of well-trained and credible past life regression therapists.

Past Life Regression in Delhi Helps You Solve Puzzles Of Life

When it comes to Past life regression therapy in Delhi, mixed opinions are in the air. Some believe it to be hogwash. Some are skeptical about it. They want to believe, but their logic holds them back. There is also a chunk of the population that staunchly believes in this therapy.

What exactly is past life regression?
To put it in simple words, this is a technique that takes you to your past life or lives. This happens by inducing your mind in deep relaxation wherein your conscious takes the backseat and your subconscious takes control. Is past life regression safe? Yes, it is.


Why would somebody want to visit their past life?
Well, a good question. Why would you want to enter your past life? Isn’t the present life enough?

But, then, when karma calls life takes a beating at times. It is then that you realize that there is more to just this present life. The shadows of your past life are lurking somewhere, making your present life hellish.

It is then that you want answers. And then you contact a therapist for past life regression in Delhi.

What happens then?
Once you undergo a session, you develop a better understanding of your present life. A lot of issues get sorted out. You may be puzzled with life, but once you visit your past life, your present life’s pieces of the puzzle fall into place.


What’s more?

You can even take Past life regression training in Delhi! This is awesome! You develop the skill to help others. You can become a therapist, a certified one, to be precise, and help others heal their lives.

Life is simple, not complicated as we have made it be. It’s just that we do not understand why things are happening in our lives. Past life regression in Delhi helps you get answers. This assists you in living life better and happier.

Past Life Regression Workshop in Delhi Reveals Shocking Facts of Past

The notion of having multiple lives is not very new. In ancient traditions of India, we can found the discussions held over the issue of reincarnation or rebirth. With the blend of traditions and science, past life regression therapy gives us the answers to the unexplained physical and emotional traumas one suffers from. Past life regression workshops in Delhi reveals common phenomena that may answer what we faced in past that still bothers us. Read this article to know whether you should undergo a past life regression session or not.

Following are some phenomena one may observe, which hint towards having a past life:
1. Memories of childhood which never really existed: A person recalling the events of childhood, which never really happened, is one of the major signs that they may had a past life. There are possibilities of having experienced those events in the past life.
2. Unexplained phobias: A person having a phobia, which is not easy to vanquish, can also be considered as a sign of having past life. These fears are the irrational and the unexplainable ones (e.g., having fear from matchsticks).
3. Mysterious pains: There are so many people who experience pain, which are medically unexplainable. This can also signify the existence of having a past life.
4. Experiencing Dejavu: Sometime we may feel that an event, which we just experienced has already happened in the past. This is called de javu. Dejavu can also be a signifier of past life.
5. Inexplicable connection with a culture: Fondness for a culture, which is completely different from yours, can also trigger to the existence of past life.
6. Obsessions: You might have an obsession with something, which is quite unexplainable. These obsessions can also happen because of the past life.

All the above signs pinpoint towards having a past life, which still keep bothering you and are distracting you to focus on other aspects of life. If you have ever experienced any of these, then attend a Past life regression workshop in Delhi. If this subject fascinates you, then you can get Past life regression training in Delhi and become a certified past life regressionist!

Past Life Regression Training in Delhi: Grab the Opportunity

If you have even the slightest interest in understanding more about yourself and transforming your life and in helping others to do the same, you should take Past Life regression training in Delhi.

How past life regression helps?

Past life regression can help you heal and transform the underlying, deepest root causes of various issues and problems in your life – physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual. It helps connect with your deepest and entrenched and even stuck emotional issues from this life as well as from past lives to be able to get rid of the limiting thoughts, beliefs and feelings associated with them. This leads to a high positive impact in your current and future life and heals at all levels of your being.

Past life regression therapy is quite a bit like guided meditation. This type of meditation helps you reach a deep state of relaxation wherein your consciousness can access your memories from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious minds really holds the answers to all your life’s questions and problems. Doing this type of meditation helps you in finding answers to your life’s unresolved questions. These can be in the form of your recurring medical physical and mental problems and ailments, phobias and traumas, limiting self-beliefs or habits, unexplained fears and feelings and so on. Past life regression therapy helps in healing all this.

This healing is made possible by the release of these unhealthy and self-limiting beliefs and thoughts and residual or stuck or stagnant energies.

Where to get past life regression training in Delhi?

There are various classes and courses that provide past life regression training in Delhi that you can be a part of to know more about past life regression therapy and healing and to become a past life regression therapist or expert.

Past life regression literally helps us connect with our true selves or with our souls. In the state of past life regression, we become observers of our soul and how, where and as what it has traveled through all this while. You can even attend a past life regression workshop in Delhi.


A common misconception hearing the term ‘past life regression’ is that you can see all your past lives with the help of past life regression. The main purpose of past life regression is to help you view and observe the underlying causes of disturbances in your current life which would have happened earlier in your current life or in past and previous lives.

Why past life regression?

By reaching out to the deepest levels of our being, past life regression allows us to get answers about our current lives – relationships, health, finances and wealth, career and work, fears and desires and even about life purpose.

It has also emerged as a highly interesting, lucrative, profitable and satisfying career option for many. Becoming a Past life regression expert or therapist has in fact emerged as a very creative and unique career option. The level of satisfaction and growth one can get by helping people experience past life regression and solve their life problems by becoming a past life regression therapist, is extremely high.

By becoming a past life regression expert and therapist, you can help people achieve better, healthier and happier lives. This helps tremendously in your own personal and spiritual growth as well.

It is advisable to take past life regression training from only well-trained, well-experienced and certified past life regression experts and trainers. Past life regression training in Delhi allow you to do all this.