The Vast Realm of Alternative Therapies as a Powerful Tool for Self Exploration

Alternative Health Therapies in contrast to conventional medicine is the need of the hour for this society. Alternative therapies include but not limited to various healing modalities: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Acupuncture, Breath Work, Energy Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Qi Gong, Bach Flower Essences, Nutripuncture, Psychotherapy and counseling, Massage, EFT, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing, treatments using wellness devices such as PEMF, LIFE System, and other Biofeedback devices, etc.

Alternative therapies can be broadly categorized into Table Work, Energy Work, and Body Work. The vast realm of this field offers plenty of scope for exploration. Conventional medicine focuses on symptoms while alternative therapies work on the individual. For example, Ayurveda works on Prakriti involving Vata, Pitta, Kapha elements. And, explains all the bodily ailments, psychological struggles through understanding Prakriti. Yoga suggests the unification of body, mind, and soul. Meditation thereon involves many techniques that focus on breath and bodily sensations, connecting to the universal consciousness, etc.

Some of the alternative therapies work on a cellular level such as Vibrational Medicine constituting Bach Flower Essences, Touch Healing, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Device, Biofeedback device such a LIFE System, etc. work on the principle of sympathetic resonance. Some healing modalities work on energy pathways and meridians such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, etc.


The psychological counseling techniques that include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Individualization Therapy, Existential Therapy all directed at providing emotional and physical wellbeing of the clients. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, regression therapy sessions also help in healing past wounds.

The sheer volume of alternative therapies helps us explore the self. As we are surrounded by material possessions and often end up in illusions thinking that this material self, possessions are real. We transcend this by employing these various means of alternative therapies. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be effectively understood. The art of relaxation, balance, and awareness are three constituents of a happy life. We are grateful for the human intellect to be bestowed with these enormous possibilities and help us be grounded always. Even in times of chaos, it helps us to remain calm and quiet in the state of groundlessness.

Alternative therapies also help us in connecting to this universal consciousness. When we are open to this universe and receive the energies that help us restore the balance; we constantly resonate with positive vibes. A Course in Miracles rightly points out, as we connect to the Source, we inherit the attributes of it; we are all capable of healing ourselves and others.

What do the angel cards tell?

Angel cards and angel cards reading can be a powerful and fantastic tool or you if you are seeking guidance in your life. Angel cards deck can provide you with deep insights into your relationships, careers and various other aspects of your life. These insights can then guide you to make better decisions in life and also provide you with peace of mind.

Angel card readings help the reader to tap into the angelic guides and their guidance for the seeker. Angel cards can tell us answers to specific questions as well as open-ended questions. Angel cards are great tools to tune into one’s subconscious thoughts, beliefs, feelings and vision which also further helps in providing guidance in life.

So rather than really predicting what’s going to happen in your life, angel cards and angel cards readings help you in making decisions in life to help you achieve your highest potential. Angel cards are tools to help you tune in your mind and soul to the guidance and energy of the angelic beings and spirit guides.

So if you want to learn more about angel cards and what they mean, enroll yourself in an angel card reading course in Mumbai. You can find various well-trained and credible angel card readers in Mumbai. You can connect with such angel card readers through the Life Positive website.

What is the Avatar course and why you should take it

The Avatar course is a simple, easy and highly effective course that is based on the universal law that your beliefs in life cause you to attract the events and situations that you experience in your life.

The avatar course was first introduced in 1987 and has seen tremendous growth in recent years. The avatar course is a highly experiential course rather than an intellectual course. A trained avatar master can guide you effectively into the avatar lessons that are already present in your consciousness.


The avatar course is a 90-day self-empowerment training program that is delivered by a trained avatar master. It contains a series of experiential exercises that help you rediscover yourself and to align your conciseness with your goals in life.

Based on the truth that you and your beliefs are the most powerful force to create your reality, the avatar course is an essential life skill course that you must experience yourself. The avatar course will help you explore your own belief system and equip you with the tools and techniques required to create your own reality and destiny.

Science or Pseudoscience: Palmistry Workshop in Delhi Reveals It All

Palm reading is one of the most practiced techniques of foretelling among the masses and yet has been one of the most unexplainable arts of foretelling. Catching the nuances of palm lines and uncovering the facts of the destiny is all about palm reading, but on what basis it operates is yet unclear. In this article, we tend to unravel the foundation of this astonishing art of fortune-telling. To get an in-depth knowledge, take part in Palmistry Workshop in Delhi.

As we mentioned earlier, the basis of palmistry as a fortune-telling technique is not clear to people. Some say it works on scientific facts while others say that it has to deal with Pseudoscience. While most of the professional palmists say that palmistry is a pseudoscience. Pseudoscience is a system of statements, beliefs, or practices that is claimed to be both scientific and factual, with no such compatibility with scientific methods. For example, the lengths and depth of the lines of one’s palm biologically don’t acquire any trait of the person, but there has been found that they tend to forecast the exact facts about one’s past, present as well as future. There’s no scientific explanation as to how they tend to forecast all of the information. Pseudoscience is a very fascinating system of belief, which is often seen as a source of entertainment. After all, there’s nothing wrong in getting acquainted with your destiny through such source of entertainment. Get Palm Reading Courses in Delhi to get to know about your destiny.


Knowing that it’s pseudoscience, people tend to believe less in Palmistry as it lacks the scientific evidence in its operation. It’s true that it lacks the scientific compatibility but one cannot deny that most of the people actually got the forecast quite right, which helped them get an insight into their lives and had let them work upon themselves. If you also wish to know about your destiny, then attend the palmistry workshop in Delhi right now!

Learn Hypnotherapy Event in Delhi and its Diverse Application

Hypnotherapy, an alternative healing technique, helps in solving diverse issues ranging from phobias, anxiety, depression, addiction, to even solving issues such as pain relief, skin issues, side effects of pregnancy and many more! Have you ever heard of any such therapy that targets this many issue? You surely might have not! Attend various hypnotherapy events in Delhi and know more about this magnificent therapy!


Hypnotherapy is a prevalent form of hypnosis that can be used in conjunction with the other psychological treatments to treat severe mental ailments that a person faces. Hypnotherapy is so strong a treatment that it can even help in overcoming the mental traumas without even medication. A lot of hypnotherapists conduct various hypnotherapy events in Delhi and other mega cities of India wherein there are so many people who seek treatment.

Hypnotherapy shall be performed in a therapeutic environment, i.e., to perform this therapy one must be in a calm environment where there is a sense of privacy and confidentiality between the recipient and the therapist. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to dig into one’s subconscious mind so that the deep-rooted issues can be solved by targeting the root cause. To know more about this therapy, you can even join hypnotherapy courses in Delhi and get a detailed analysis on the working of this therapy.

Due to its diverse applications, hypnotherapy is a widely accepted form of alternative healing therapy. As it is prevalent in today’s time, there is a widespread demand of certified professionals in this field. Hypnotherapy also gives you a wide scope with regard to the career aspect of it. If you also aspire to make hypnotherapy a career, then without any further delay, just enroll into various hypnotherapy events in Delhi and hypnotherapy courses in Delhi. These courses and events can help you blooming your career as well as in blooming your life. So join these events right now!

Tarot Card Reading Classes in Delhi: Discover your Future

Each and every individual in today’s world is confronting various sorts of difficulties in life. Each of us tries to push our limits to reach our desired world of happiness, yet some of us don’t reach there; that’s because we try harder enough but on the opposite direction, not on the direction which our destiny wants us to follow. Tarot card reading gives us the correct pathway to reach our desired world of happiness. To get a deeper understanding as to what it is all about, get tarot reading classes in Delhi if you’re a Delhiite or you can simply keep on reading this article to know how tarot card reading can help you discover your future!

Get guidance on life by the tarot deck

There might be lots of questions flipping in your mind – how does the tarot card reading work? Is it a sort of superstition? How can the same tarot deck reveal a lot about millions of people (including me!)? Yes, tarot card reading does reveal a lot of things about millions of people and it’s not even a superstition. When you look at a tarot card, you might see an illustrated scene or some special symbol whose meaning all of us cannot decode, but the point to be understood is that each illustration holds a significant meaning that actually tends to reveal the state of mind of the seeker.


A lot of tarot card readers conduct various tarot card reading courses in Delhi as well as in the other mega cities where they will guide you upon life through tarot. The process is simple: think about any issue that bothers you, ask a question to yourself regarding that issue, pull out a tarot card from the deck, and the reader will provide you the measures you should take to solve that issue simply by reading whatever the cards have for you at that moment and also by using his/her unique psychic ability.

Tarot card reading can provide you the way to reach the solution, but the ultimate call is yours. Try to apply the guidance by the experts using tarot card reading classes in Delhi and live the happiest version of your life!

Theta Healing Courses in Delhi Can Alter your Brains!

Your brain does most of the work, in fact, all. This is the heaviest organ of the body and sends signals for all functions in the body. How about changing the frequency of your brain? This will help you feel more relaxed and connected with the Divine energy. Interested in doing this? Then you must enroll for theta healing courses in Delhi. They teach you how to alter brain frequencies. They are conducted by certified theta healers in the city.

The brain and you

The brain has five frequencies.

  • Beta – This is the waking state of the brain. Reasons and logic come in this state of mind.
  • Alpha – This is the state of mind where you are deeply relaxed with no thinking.
  • Theta – This is the light meditative state of mind with slight sleepiness.
  • Delta – This is where you are in deep slumber.
  • Gamma – This indicates connection with the Divine.

Theta healing courses in Delhi teach you how to bring your brain to the theta level. Most of us stay in the beta level. We have lots of thinking and reasoning to do. Tensions, worries, and stress add fuel to the fire.

theta healing courses in delhiMore about courses

The healing courses provide a deep insight into how you can awaken your subconscious and give auto suggestions. This can be an life-altering experience for you.

If you wish to learn all this, you must attend theta healing classes in Delhi. They are accessible to all strata of the society. You can know more about them online and even register in a few clicks.

So, what are you waiting for? The courses are available online. The classes have begun. They are increasingly getting popular thanks to the tremendous benefit they provide. There is no prerequisite for joining the classes. Just bring your brains!