Power of Past Lives on Present Life

For a layman, it has rather been a matter of debate that whether our past lives have any effect on our present life. In fact, even the concept of reincarnation is absolutely alien and non – understandable and hence non-believable for many. However, ask a past life regression practitioner and therapist and they will tell you about the power of our past lives in our present life.


Pat life regression therapy and training help you uncover your past life and tap into your unconscious. It helps you tap into your feelings, attitudes, beliefs and mental and emotional patterns in your previous lives. These emotions and feelings from previous lives have a bearing on your current life and are present in your subconscious mind. Past life regression therapy, by tapping into these past lives feelings and emotions, helps remove the negative energies from those lives and unblocking limiting beliefs and behavior patterns. This exercise affects present life highly positively.

You can learn more about past life regression and past life regression therapy by taking past life regression training in Delhi. There are various institutes and courses that provide past life regression training in Delhi. Learn past life regression therapy in Delhi by visiting Life positive website and going through the list of well-trained and credible past life regression therapists.

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