Vastu for Home | Tips Straight from Top Vastu Consultant

The word Vastu is of a Sanskrit origin meaning a dwelling or house with a corresponding plot of land. Vastu Shastra refers to the “science of architecture” originating from the traditional Hindu practices. These were written to organize the 3 basic necessities of our life: food, clothing, and shelter. It provides a description of the principles of design, measurements, layout and space arrangements. These principles and designs are such that they incorporate nature and its particles along with architecture. VASTU CONSULTANTS are generally well learned in Hindu and Buddhist beliefs.

Since time immemorial, Vastu Shastra has been inculcated in the templates for Hindu temples, layout for houses, workplaces, shops etc. The significance of the orientation of a building is to have a better house design which provides good health, prosperity and wealth to the residents. Vastu believes that there are essentially two types of forces which are equal and opposite in nature. According to the science behind these principles there lies a correlation between the rotation of planets and the layout of the building and directions with respect to north. This helps in increasing the lifespan of the building and improve the condition of the occupants. There have been instances where the buildings have not been in accordance with the vastu and the result has been visible in the early decay of the space, as compared to ones with match the requirements of the Vastu.


This knowledge is known to be fluid and doesn’t necessarily require diagrams for layouts. The system is an amalgamation of science of directions, astronomy and astrology. Developed over the years, by many a learned follower of this study, Vastu Shastra has become a major factor on the basis of which decisions regarding houses and workspaces are made.

Vastu for Home

According to VASTU CONSULTANTS, a proper house is a collaboration of rooms with precise entry and exit points. Some of them go to the extent of stating that your house is the architect of your destiny. Any FAMOUS VASTU CONSULTANT would emphasize the importance of the direction of each and every door and window of your space along with its entry and exit.

Though is it extremely difficult to build a single entity ideally following all the dictates of Vastu Shastra. While some of these errors can be altered by correcting the pattern of construction, it is quite difficult to demolish houses with serious vastu faults.


Ever Tried Life Coaching In Delhi? It’s Miraculous!

To put it in the simplest words, life coaching is assisting someone to overcome their life challenges. It is guiding someone to find their own power and path to move from their current state to the desired state or goal. If you live the fast-paced glitzy life of Delhi, then you may have experienced at times that life is racing with you, leaving you behind. Things seem to out-pace and outsmart you. If this is the case, then you need life coaching in Delhi.

The coach will work as a mentor, friend, and guide rather than a psychiatrist. He or she will provide encouragement and support in your journey of achieving your life goals. Coaching allows for improving the quality of people’s lives – both professional and personal.


Life coaching is about empowering others in their lives. It is a partnership between the coach and the client, resulting in the one seeking coaching becoming the experts of their own lives.

A life coach caters to:

  • Setting and achieving life goals
  • Recognizing life purpose and calling
  • Reassessing and prioritizing life goals
  • Developing action plans to achieve the goals
  • Making significant life decisions
  • Helping one reach their full potential
  • Creating work-life balance
  • Time management
  • Stress, anxiety, and anger management
  • Improving professional and personal relationships and more…

You can become a life coach

Life coaching has emerged as a hot career due to its highly rewarding aspects, relating to monetary and satisfaction benefits. The coaching profession has grown tremendously in last several years and the industry is ever growing and expanding.

Life coaching helps you help others; but mostly it helps you help yourself!

It is a highly trans-formative process wherein you grow while helping others grow in various aspects of their lives. Plus, the freedom of investment of time and resources as well as flexibility make life coaching an attractive career prospect. You can enroll for courses available Online life coaches.

Getting a certified training in life coaching will not only equip you with the necessary skills to practice efficiently, but also build your credibility and confidence as a life coach. Becoming a coach is no rocket science. You must have the willingness to help others and yourselves.

Don’t Miss These 7 Steps To Pranic Healing When In Delhi

Pranic healing is an amazing therapy that activates, improves, and amplifies the ‘prana’ or ‘the breath of life’ for healing purposes and energy benefits. This ‘prana’ heals the person and makes them feel dynamic. Pranic healing in Delhi is popular. People living in the fast lane are gradually realizing that there is more to staying alive than just breathing.

For a thorough pranic healing session, you may need a certified healer, but you can perform pranic healing meditation in just seven steps. It is easy to learn best pranic healing in delhi. The city is becoming a hotspot for healing through natural therapies.


7 Steps of pranic healing meditation

Step 1:

Do simple exercises for about 10 minutes to clean and purify the etheric body. During meditation, subtle energies are generated in our body in huge amounts. Pranic healing meditation can minimize the energies.

Step 2:

Invocation is the most important part of any meditation. The main goal of this step is to get divine blessings by praying. This is important for guidance, help, and protection.

Step 3:

This step is the ‘activation of the heart chakra’. It involves pressing the heart area with fingers for a few seconds and concentrating on the heart chakra. Meanwhile, imagine the whole earth as a glittery ball and bless all the people with love and kindness. Visualize everyone, including you, getting peace of hope, delight, and devotion.

Step 4:

This step is the “activation of the Crown Chakra”. You need to press the upper part of your head with fingers for just a few seconds and focus on your crown chakra. Bless all the people on the planet with love, kindness, and allow positive energy to flow through your mind and body.

Step 5:

Imagine a white light glowing from your crown chakra and spreading in the entire world. You are blessing everyone with golden light and white light emitting from the Heart Chakra and the Crown Chakra, respectively. Your blessing will become stronger when the two chakras are lined up. This will create positive energy that moves through mind and body.

Step 6:

This step is ‘achieving illumination.’ It involves expansion of awareness. Imagine a bright white light emitting from your crown chakra and chant the mantras such as ‘OM’ or ‘AMEN’. Focus on the light for 15-20 minutes.

Step 7:

Now that you are done with your pranic healing meditation, it is time to release the additional energy present in you. You can bless the mother earth by releasing the energy through your hands. Make sure that your body is stable and normal. Otherwise, you may feel pain in the chest afterward.

If you are interested in learning this amazing healing therapy or wish to undergo a healing session from an expert, you can contact pranic healers in Delhi.

3 Ways to Attract Online Famous Reiki Healers in Delhi

Reiki is a popular healing therapy. An increasing number of people are switching to this therapy. People are slowly realizing the benefit of this healing force. Reiki means universal life force. Everybody has it. But not everybody knows how to harness it. This is the root of most of the problems, physical and mental. Connecting with online famous Reiki healers in Delhi gives you an opportunity to channelize your life force energy, which may be lying dormant or may be blocked.

Connecting with Reiki healers – is it a chance phenomenon?

No. You are better able to connect with a healer when you are absolutely ready to heal. All this is about energies. So, this is, in no way, a ‘by chance’ phenomenon. In fact, nothing in life is. We attract everything based on our thoughts and feelings. However, we may not always realize this.

So, if you wish to attract an online famous Reiki healer, you need to desire badly to heal. Many people are resistant towards healing. There is a difference between believing in a therapy and be willing to heal. You may or may not believe in the therapy, but you must be willing to heal yourselves.


The obvious trait of the best Reiki healer in Delhi

He or she will never force you to undergo a Reiki healing session.

In case any healer does that, run! Healing comes from within. Healers are only mediums. The energy lies within you. They only help you tap it and use it for your best.

The best healers make you feel comfortable. In case you find that a healer is not in sync with your thoughts, you can look for another.

The most famous online Reiki healer in Delhi is the one who helps you heal, instills hope in you to deal with life’s problems, and gives you the confidence to recognize the powers that lie in you.

Healing is like discovering yourselves. Don’t be stunned, if your chronic pain vanishes or you begin to feel happier and lighter on a daily basis. This is no magic. This is YOU coming to life!

Yoga Day 2018: What Happens When You Do Yoga The First Time?

Everybody is talking about yoga these days. The older generation, after having ignored this precious and indigenous exercise form, is now embracing it fully. The younger generation is simply fascinated by the idea of twisting and turning the body into various poses.
Both generations, no doubt, have realized the tremendous benefits of yoga on mind, body, and spirit. Yoga has traveled far and wide. Today, it is a global phenomenon.
Perhaps that’s why Yoga Day 2018 on June 21 is an international event. It not only brings India into the global spotlight, but also helps to make the world healthier.
With an increasing number of people adopting the ‘yoga lifestyle,’ things seem to look bright on the health front.
5 Effects of yoga on the body
1-It increases flexibility.
2-It energizes.
3-It increases muscle strength and endurance.
4-It makes you more aware of your mind and body connection.
5-It delays overall body aging.

Significance of yoga days and festivals

For those who have never done yoga before, it is a good idea to attend events like yoga festivals and yoga days. Yoga Day Festival 2018 was organized in the month of March in Rishikesh, the place where yoga is said to be born.
Such festivals serve as eye-openers. They act as a meeting ground for like-minded people, experts in yoga from across the world, and aspiring “yogis” who wish to make a difference in their lives.
The wrong belief about yoga
Yoga is not just an exercise that you perform for an hour or so and then revert to your original unhealthy lifestyle. Yoga is a way of life. While adopting it, you must resolve to correct your lifestyle, which includes your postures and eating habits.
For example, you breathe deeply while doing an asana. Then, the whole day you forget about your breathing. You sit straight in a yoga pose. Later, you are found slouching on your desktop. That’s not the way to introduce yoga in your life.
The right way is to be conscious of your breathing always. Take deep, full breaths throughout the day. Sit straight at your desktop. Stand tall. Walk with grace.
This is how you make yoga a part of your life. So, this Yoga Day 2018, resolve to become a modern “yogi.” Enjoy life, but with the right breaths and postures, healthy eating, and saying goodbye to lethargy.