Angel Card Reading: A means to connect our inner guide

Angel card readings provide an opportunity to connect with angel figurines to seek guidance and advice. Instead of numbers and suits; angels present on the cards provide a chance to connect with them directly. The angel card readings provide that necessary intuition, insights into one’s life to provide useful tools to address the issues in various realms of our lives; such as career, health, finances, and relationships, etc.

The angel card reading often provides the necessary impetus required, as the seeker draws an angel card, the drawing of the card is governed by synchronicity. These angelic beings working for the good of humanity help the seeker to get spiritual advice. The spiritual meaning associated with each angel card is specific to that particular seeker. An angel card reader only requires a clean relaxed space, intuition, reaching out to angels, and phrasing the questions properly. Thereby the reader invites the angels by infusing his energies onto the cards, some of the angels are easy to get connected to and some are not. Some of the angel cards have full angelic messages, and some have short phrases, a guide book helps to interpret these messages properly.


Tarot cards are based on alchemy, numerology, and esoteric symbols; while angel cards depend on information channeled from the etheric realms. Tarot cards usually follow a set formula and specific decks and are very difficult to interpret; while, angel cards mostly contain information in the form of images, phrases, and require us to infer the meaning that help, guide, and support the seeker. The decks of angel cards are often the specially curated products of some clairvoyants, psychics based on their insights. The image depicts the angels, and phrases refer to an area of our life or emotion. The angels are messengers and protectors; they do not come from the same spiritual plane as humans do. They are infinitely compassionate beings guiding us right from birth. Archangels refer to the highest angelic realm. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, and Uriel (Judeo-Christian Lore) are some of the Archangels. The seeker can also seek the support of spirit guides (family spirits, guardian angels, and ascended masters) and loved ones who have passed. Contrary to popular belief, the angel cards do not predict the future; but, provide some insights into what’s going on in someone’s life. Angel cards mostly focus on the positive side of things and provide support, love, and positive energy. The seekers looking to get an online angel card reading should caution some exercise to find some genuine psychic mediums, spiritual readers, or spiritual intuitive; who either use divination tools to call upon the angels or directly in touch with the spirit world.

Access Higher Planes of Consciousness through “Prayer for Peace”

Prayer for peace is an attempt to increase our connectivity to our higher selves by collective meditation. It is based on Twin Heart Meditation developed by GrandMaster Choa. The existence of God is self-evident. To experience the supreme being, one has to harness the powers of life energy or “Prana”. The spiritual energies that we receive have evolutionary and creative effects on the being. There are three aspects of God that are essential for us to understand; God of Love, God of Power, and God of Intelligence. In Hindu tradition, it is known as the Trinitarian aspect. Prayer for Peace enunciates that the spiritual essence in oneself has the qualities of God innately. Through practicing Prayer for Peace in a group meditation, the sadhakas experience deep gratitude to the mother earth, receive blessings to heal oneself and the society, uplift their thinking, and ultimately contribute to heal the earth’s aura and live in harmony.


Prayer for Peace starts with an invocation of Greater Energy Souls for divine protection. Activating Crown Chakra is central to Prayer for Peace based on Twin Hearts Meditation. To activate Crown Chakra, one has to activate Heart Chakra. Once we mentally connect to the Heart Chakra, all the lower emotions are released and help the divine light descend through the Crown Chakra. Hope, faith and light form essential components for healing and transformation. The planet earth is being blessed by Crown and Heart Chakras and both vibrate in harmony. By practicing this meditation, we work on physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the physical heart and spiritual heart by being receptive to divine energies. The practitioners experience high intuitive abilities, inner peace, a more balanced personality, reinforced connection with the higher self. By cleansing aura, the self becomes more receptive to awareness.

Our Planet is an intelligent being and surrounded by the energy field. We, as physical forms are connected to this planet. By blessing the earth, and its inhabitants, the practitioners gain Karmic entitlement to receive peace, love, hope, faith, light, and joy. The chants of OM while visualizing the point of light on the Crown Chakra and observing the gaps between each OM chantings, during the Prayer for Peace meditations, helps the practitioners receive streams of divine energy. As Grand Master Choa Kok Sui states, “In the gap lies the stillness.” Focusing on the point of the light becomes very important during meditation, through which the practitioner can access deep levels of consciousness. Prayer for Peace is a truly remarkable practice that assures oneself a speedy journey towards higher love and light.


Many countries look up to India for its traditional contributions in the fields of the Vedas, yoga, Jnana, and Meditation. A broad and extensive explanation of What is Yoga is required to understand its ability to impact physical and mental health in the most affordable way irrespective of caste, creed, gender, religion among many other differences. Those who devote their time and energy to Yoga are very happy and holistic persons; they become indispensable members of their families and society.

Even as we know the immense benefits of Yoga, we often ignore it. As our Tamas Guna overpowers our mind, lethargy takes over and prevents us from doing the right action and effort. We may choose to spend at least 10 minutes a day in Sukhasana and 20 rounds of Pranayama every day.

The practices of core values of Yoga like Ahimsa, Santosha, Maitri, Karuna, etc. help us live in harmony.  All the objects of pleasure change, as our sensations in the body, are transitory, it is the mind that feeds on these Bhavanas that we cling on to permanency. What Yoga does is, it counters the Samskaras that have been accumulated and cleanses the body and the mind.


There are four pillars of Yoga; namely, Ahara, Vihar, Achar, and Vichar. Having a balanced Sattvic vegetarian diet helps Serotonin levels to increase thereby improving the quality of sleep and moods. The second pillar is the recreation that helps in boosting dopamine production making one feel good. The third being the routine, having a proper discipline in organizing our day helps us stay ahead of our time. The fourth being our thoughts and attitudes which affect our mental being.

Ashtanga Yoga, the eight sutras compiled by Patanjali; where the first four components can be categorized under External Yoga and the last four under Internal Yoga. The fifth limb Pratyahara acts as a bridge to the Internal and the External. Ahimsa, Satya, Asteya (Non-stealing), Brahmacharya and Aparigraha are considered as Yamas; that helps us excel by following social restraint. Saucha, Santosha, Tapa, Svadhyaya, Ishvara Pranidhana are the Niyamas that help us transcend the external. The third limb Asanas help us prepare the body free of any physical distractions and helps the mind move towards the Internal. The fourth limb Pranayama helps in regulating the breath and makes it easier to concentrate and meditate.   The fifth limb Pratyahara has both internal and external characteristics, as by the time one reaches this stage, withdraws one’s senses and moves inwards.

The Internal Yoga consists of Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. In Dharana, thoughts are reduced and concentration is improved. When practiced for prolonged intervals of time, it reaches to the Dhyana, at which point there is the submersion of oneself within. The regular practice of Dhyana culminates into Samadhi, the ultimate blissful state of the Yogic path.

The Vast Realm of Alternative Therapies as a Powerful Tool for Self Exploration

Alternative Health Therapies in contrast to conventional medicine is the need of the hour for this society. Alternative therapies include but not limited to various healing modalities: Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Acupuncture, Breath Work, Energy Medicine, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Qi Gong, Bach Flower Essences, Nutripuncture, Psychotherapy and counseling, Massage, EFT, Sound Healing, Pranic Healing, Quantum Healing, treatments using wellness devices such as PEMF, LIFE System, and other Biofeedback devices, etc.

Alternative therapies can be broadly categorized into Table Work, Energy Work, and Body Work. The vast realm of this field offers plenty of scope for exploration. Conventional medicine focuses on symptoms while alternative therapies work on the individual. For example, Ayurveda works on Prakriti involving Vata, Pitta, Kapha elements. And, explains all the bodily ailments, psychological struggles through understanding Prakriti. Yoga suggests the unification of body, mind, and soul. Meditation thereon involves many techniques that focus on breath and bodily sensations, connecting to the universal consciousness, etc.

Some of the alternative therapies work on a cellular level such as Vibrational Medicine constituting Bach Flower Essences, Touch Healing, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Device, Biofeedback device such a LIFE System, etc. work on the principle of sympathetic resonance. Some healing modalities work on energy pathways and meridians such as Reiki, Acupuncture, Jin Shin Jyutsu, etc.


The psychological counseling techniques that include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Individualization Therapy, Existential Therapy all directed at providing emotional and physical wellbeing of the clients. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, regression therapy sessions also help in healing past wounds.

The sheer volume of alternative therapies helps us explore the self. As we are surrounded by material possessions and often end up in illusions thinking that this material self, possessions are real. We transcend this by employing these various means of alternative therapies. Our thoughts, feelings, and emotions can be effectively understood. The art of relaxation, balance, and awareness are three constituents of a happy life. We are grateful for the human intellect to be bestowed with these enormous possibilities and help us be grounded always. Even in times of chaos, it helps us to remain calm and quiet in the state of groundlessness.

Alternative therapies also help us in connecting to this universal consciousness. When we are open to this universe and receive the energies that help us restore the balance; we constantly resonate with positive vibes. A Course in Miracles rightly points out, as we connect to the Source, we inherit the attributes of it; we are all capable of healing ourselves and others.

Free Tarot Reading as a Means of Connecting to Unlimited Possibilities

Free Tarot reading is subject to interpretation and varies greatly from reader to reader. An intuitive mind, clarity in thinking are essential to delivering an accurate reading. Free Tarot Reading helps in unraveling our pressing issues to offer solutions, honing one’s psychic abilities, seeking personal knowledge, etc.

Tarot cards are communication channels of energies between the reader and the universe. A focussed mind of a reader and the energies involved are of utmost importance in answering questions. Asking a specific question and the intent behind it is essential and subtle energy transfer is affected as the reader shuffles and spreads the cards. Intuitive abilities, experiential learning capabilities come handy over accumulated knowledge that help in better understanding the placement of the cards, and interpretation of the true meaning of the cards.

Free tarot reading is all about focusing on present energies, thus similar questions may yield different answers separated by time frame. Tarot cards are powerful divinatory tools that predict the future accurately. Free tarot reading tells us what we need to hear rather than what we want to hear. We accept and work with the universe accordingly to overcome any obstacles.


A good free tarot card reader knows that it is equally important to work with upright as well as reverse cards. Major and Minor Arcana are two divisions of a traditional tarot deck. The Twenty Two Major Arcana cards including that of Fools suggest a strong energy shift. While the upright of the same cards indicates the positive traits; the reverse indicates negative.

The Minor Arcana cards consist of four suits and each suit has a specific tarot card meaning associated with it. When compared to Major Arcana, these are subject to easier changes; however insignificant they may sound, they sometimes produce a bigger and long-lasting shift by heeding to what they suggest. A suit of wand represents energies associated with spirituality and creativity; Cups represent emotions; Swords represent intellect; Pentacles represent material wellbeing in life.

Though Free Online Tarot Card Reading has an occult origin; there have been Native American, Herbal, Dragon, and Japanese popular among many others. Free Tarot reading often has a telling influence in projecting our unconscious mind. Throughout history, the tarot has been able to draw the attention of human imagination and intellect alike. The Tarot card is another way of interaction between material and mind. It often plays the role of a superconscious and inner guide. Sometimes playing with these random events may suddenly become a much more significant act to you and we tend to realize there is a far superior force that is operating.